Four Guiding Values

The High Impact Nazarene Network is built around the following four values:

1. Reproducing - It’s what we do

Our first value is reproducing.  It's what we do.  If you’re committed to reproducing, then the High Impact Nazarene Network is the place for you. Every High-Impact Nazarene Network church is committed to reproducing at every level of ministry through new ministries, new missional communities, new church plants, new multi-sites, new campuses, new churches, etc. of every size (rabbit, tiger and elephant churches together!)  This biblical reproducing model (2 Timothy 2:2) is why each High Impact Nazarene Network church endeavors to:  a) Reproduce a leadership resident every year. b) Reproduce a CTM / multisite / “new work” every two years.  c) Reproduce leaders at every level.  We are committed to both micro and macro multiplication.  To hold ourselves accountable to these objectives, we expect participating High Impact Nazarene Network (HINN) churches to complete a Reproduction Plan (RP) each year and share it with their DS and other HINN team leaders. Our first value is reproducing!

2. Resources – We help equip District Church Planting Movements (DCPM)

Our second value is resources.  To achieve the global vision of Jesus, we must go faster and further together!  This is why we collaborate with everyone we can learn from. This is why we share resources.  Networks based on reproducing, relationships and residencies share resources because it’s not just about “me, myself, and I” but about “us, we and our.”  We aim to share a lot of things with a lot of churches, i.e. creative content (graphics, small group guides, etc.), message manuscripts, videos, knowledge/ experience (coaching, training, mentoring), best practices, leadership training materials and more.  Our aim is to serve you, your district and your church in any way we can to help start as many High Impact churches as we can, as fast as we can, wherever we can!  Our second value is resources! 

3. Relationships - The key to building and sustaining these movements

Our third value is relationships.  At the core of the High Impact Nazarene Network are friendships, accountability, and networking.  High Impact Nazarene Network churches and Lead Pastors gather in what we call “networks.”  Each High Impact Nazarene Network consists of a group of 4-6 churches, led by a Network Leader who is a High Impact Nazarene Network pastor AND who has already selected an Apprentice Network Leader.  Just like we never operate groups without an apprentice leader, we NEVER operate a High Impact Nazarene Network without an Apprentice LeaderThese networks connect at least quarterly via video conference or phone and are conversationally structured around our 4 values, especially the principle of establishing a reproducing ministry. More information about networks can be found in our High Impact Nazarene Network Leader's Field Guide.  Our third value is relationships!

4. Residencies - The way we reproduce

Our fourth value is residencies.  If we are serious about high-impact church reproduction and DCPM’s, we know we must get serious about residencies.  Our Residency Program is designed to help participating churches identify, recruit, train and send out Apprentice Church Planters, Campus Pastors, etc. who has been mentored and trained.  A residency is a nine to 12-month apprenticeship with a High Impact Nazarene Network church, after which the resident plants a new church, new ministry, new missional community, new site, new campus, etc.  A LEADERSHIP RESIDENCY INCLUDES:  a) Apprenticing with a Campus Pastor/Lead Pastor at a HINN church. b) Real time training in the fundamentals of leadership / ministry reproduction. c) Interaction with other reproducing church planters / ministry leaders through High Impact Nazarene Network gatherings and resourcing conferences.  Our fourth value is residencies

Our intimacy with Jesus as the Head of the Church is the power behind any spiritual movement that Jesus leads. As we remain intimate with Him (John 15:5), we have learned there are definitive practices that enable us to work with Jesus and better listen to Jesus in launching and leading a District Church Planting Movement (DCPM). For interested high-impact leaders and partner DSes, for information can be found in the High Impact Nazarene Network Leader's Field Guide. 

Every Church Matters

Every church matters!  It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people throughout the USA/Canada Region.  That's why our focus on high-impact church planting must include organic (house) churches, multi-congregational churches, multi-cultural churches, NexGen churches, cowboy churches, small churches (20-99), intermediate churches 100-249), large churches (250-499), large churches 500-899) multi-site churches and K-churches (1,000+).  Any church can be high-impact if its focus is on Level 5 multiplication! It's not about the size of the church, its about the heart of the church.  Because there is such leadership specialty required in planting and leading a congregation that becomes a K-church, the High Impact Church Planting Project has been designed to meet this need for the USA/Canada Region.  As a Region we embrace this challenge gratefully and humbly, knowing that EVERY church can be a high-impact church regardless of size! 

Existing Large Churches

This past year in the USA/Canada Region, we had a total of 347 churches that averaged 250+ in morning worship attendance.  These churches are organized into the following 3 categories:

250 - 499         We had 234 churches that averaged 250-499 in worship.

500 - 899         We had 75 churches that averaged 500-899 in worship.

K-Churches       We had 38 churches that averaged 900-3,000 in worship.

Large Churches Are Unique: We deeply believe that the number of Large Churches in the USA/Canada Region should multiply!  We need small churches, intermediate churches, Large Churches and K-Churches.  It takes ALL kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.  While every one of our 30,000 Nazarene churches globally is indispensable to our movement, the leadership capacity challenges that come with leading a Large Church are unique.  Large churches never develop by accident, they are planned and led by skilled leaders who have become life-long learners in better understanding the Large Church Development process.   

Measuring Our Large Church Progress: We do not believe it is a bad thing for us to hold ourselves accountable for the number of existing Large Churches in the USA/Canada Region with an attendance of 250+ people.  It is important for us to know how many Large Churches have been organized within the last 15-20 years.  How many “first generation” churches do we have moving into the Large Church categories because our High Impact Church Planting Project is working?  We should be able to easily measure and report on this on an annual basis. As we progress, the number of Large Churches should steadily increase in the months ahead! 

Five Benefits of Website Listing (All 250+ Churches): First, is Networking. We believe we should do a better job as Large Churches to discover, network and learn from each other, just  like K-Churches currently do. Our aim is to create a web environment where 250- 499 churches will proactively network with each other and 500-899 churches will do the same. Second, is Large Church Communication. Many people wrongly think the Church of the Nazarene in the USA/Canada is a denomination made up of small churches and that we have very few Large Churches. With our website linkage to Large Church home pages, visitors can explore HUNDREDS of Large Nazarene Churches! Third, is Website Ideas.  Large Churches usually have better developed websites. This website listing will no doubt be used as a place where new churches and existing churches wanting to research how to improve their web presence as a Nazarene congregation, can go to get ideas.  Fourthly, is Intro to Multiplication Thinking. We want every Large Church leader to be exposed to "Becoming Five," challenged to become a Level 5 leader, a multiplying leader, leading a large, multiplying church.

We believe the existence of the HICP Project will not only help launch High Impact Church Planting, it will also help every existing Large Nazarene Church we have to become better.  Everyone wins when we keep getting better as leaders! 

Launching 100 Large New Churches

It is not easy to launch a large church designed to become a K-church.  It takes skilled leadership, careful planning, great coaching, a motivated launch team of 50+ people, relationships with lots of unchurched people prior to launch, funding and most importantly, the favor and blessing of God.  On the USA/Canada Region, we are getting better at launching large, healthy churches than every before.  Many people wrongly believe that the Church of the Nazarene in the USA/Canada Region has little or none of these kinds of churches.  This is NOT the case.  Our HICP Development Team is FILLED with dedicated, talented, servant leaders totally committed to multiplying large, high-impact church plants designed to become K-churches.  In the FAQ section of this website, you will find many answers to commonly asked questions about the High Impact Church Planting Project for the USA/Canada Region.  

There are questions about our strategy, our development history, our leadership team, our leadership residency, coaching, recruitment, assessment, partner churches, partner districts and more.  We deeply believe these new 100 large church plants already exist in the mind of God.  Just like the Apostle Paul, "we cannot be disobedient to the vision from heaven" (Acts 26:19).  God already knows who the high-impact church planting leaders are and where these high-impact churches will be located.  "He has determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.  God did this so that people would seek him and reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us" (Acts 17:26-27).   

Some people may question whether or not launching large churches is a right strategy because they say these kinds of churches cost too much money.  Our response is, we have NO plans to use existing USA/Canada resources for launching and sustaining this movement of 100 new churches.  Not a dime of HICP operations is paid for by World Evangelism Fund or USA/Canada Region monies.  We anticipate that every church planting dollar the HICP Project raises will be new money, given by donors who have embraced the vision of investing in a high impact church planting project within our Region and/or their city or town.  Nothing we do will deplete current church resources.  We ALWAYS aim to have churches planting churches, NEVER districts planting churches.  As Mark Bane describes it, we want to add ALL sizes of church plants, "rabbit, tiger and elephant" size churches!  Our special focus is "elephant church" plants within the USA/Canada Region.  

Our HICP leaders are VERY creative in raising "elephant church money!"  We have identified 12 potential sources of money for launching these new, large churches.  Here are some examples:

1. Planter Spouse Income - This is not required, but it is a great help!

2. Family Wealth - Equity stored up in a home or family business

3. Family and Friends One-Time Gift - Usually used for specific expenses

4. Family and Friends Monthly Support - Usually for 12-36 months until the training is over, the planter is placed, the new church is launched and achieves the four-fold church planting objective: 1) self-supporting, 2) self-propagating, 3) self-governing, and 4) self-reproducing.

5. "Parent" Church Support - Our goal is for strong parent churches to assume near-full financial support.

6. "Sponsor" Churches Support - Two or more churches that team together to help financially.

7.  New Gifts in Kind - When equipment, computers, used car, office space, etc. is given

8. Launch Team Tithe & Offerings - Open a bank account as soon as possible if you know where the plant or multi-site will be and allow people to begin to tithe their income to the new church project

9. Local Church Deputation Offerings - Where the planter can tell his/her story and an offering is taken

10. Faith Promise Budget - A great way to help fulfill our mission next door!

11. Sunday School Classes & Small Groups - They can team up to help sponsor a planter and the new church!

12. Nazarene District Gift - This is not the first, but the last source we name.  There is no way a District should or could cover the costs of multiple churches when fueling a movement but they may be able to sometimes help with a gift.  The HICP Project has begun working with a growing network of Nazarene District Superintendents committed to partnering with a local church in launching a High Impact Church Plant on their District.

There will be training and residency costs associated with these plants. Launch costs include planter support when gathering the launch team, marketing, equipment, web development, support staff and operational costs from the point of launch to the church achieving self-support status, including a built-in commitment to tithe.  A church culture that develops God’s heart is the key. We acknowledge that each church will be different, each planter’s family is different, each community and situation is different.  For fund-raising purposes, we estimate these large launch church planters will need to budget launch and growth costs for the first 12-36 months.  We have learned that some communities are much more receptive and suited to these launches than others.  Large launch teams being in place prior to launch is required!  We anticipate these church plants can and will be self-sustaining, including full mission giving within 24-36 months following launch.  


As we move forward, there is a GREAT opportunity for you to invest by providing a Leadership Residency program scholarship.  Several leaders in need of the Residency do not yet have the financial resources to begin participating.  We have a host of dedicated business entrepreneurs who have not yet been given the vision or opportunity for the role they can play in the high impact church planting movement.  The scholarship you provide will help us impact a larger group of leaders not currently benefiting from high impact church training.  

Expanding the District Donor Base

As a movement, we also believe we have the responsibility to help the district superintendent share the vision for the HICP Project within their district.  In so doing, our plan is to inspire a number of new donors to give, especially when they begin to see “fruit” from the collective work we are engaged in. Our goal is to help the DS build a donor development system which will benefit every HICP Partner District. We have learned that “big thinking attracts big thinkers, big donors and big achievement for God and His church!”  What ought to be throughout our Region, can be!  

Donations to the High Impact Church Planting Project have already begun.  If you believe in this vision you are reading about and would like to become a donor, please contact one of our HICP leaders, contact your Partner District Superintendent or make a donation to the HICP General Fund.  


LeadPoint Board of Directors & Advisors

Board of Directors / Board of Advisors is a USA/Canada Region ministry of the NewStart Task Force, led by Rev. Mark Bane and Dr. Larry McKain, Superintendent of the Chicago Central District Church of the Nazarene.  LeadPoint is an organization that has been created to jointly serve the project needs of the USA/Canada Region, the Chicago Central District and Partner Districts.

Larry McKain, Board Chair

Barry Huebner, Board Vice-Chair

Paul Snellenberger, Board Secretary

Steve Douglas, CFO / Treasurer

Amy Kemp

Ryan Spittal

Andrew Twibell Board of Advisors

Rev. Mark Bane

Dr. Stan Reeder

Dr. Keith Wright

Dr. Scott Sherwood

Rev. Steve Hoffman

Rev. Kevin Donley

MultiplyNaz Leadership Team

Brent Hofen – Mission Church – Bend, OR - Leader

Kevin Jack - Beavercreek Church – Beavercreek, OH

Jon Hauser – Prairie Heights Community Church – Fargo, ND

Teri Hauser – Prairie Heights Community Church – Fargo, ND

Larry McKain – Bourbonnais, IL

Andy Monnin – Upper Valley Community Church – Piqua, OH

Dale Schaeffer – Medford First Church – Medford, OR


Chicago Central Mission Strategy Team

Brian Wangler - Lemont, IL

Brad Thompson - Joliet, IL

Jack McCormick - Manteno, IL

Lauren Seaman - Chicago, IL

Randy Dodd - Chicago Heights, IL

Steve Spangenberg - Naperville, IL

Dave Anderson - Danville, IL

Tim Mercer - Bourbonnais, IL

Wilfredo Canales - Bourbonnais, IL

Edy De Leon - Mt. Prospect, IL

Herb Ireland - Wheaton, IL

Launch Resources:  Some of the greatest benefits of the High Impact Church Planting Project are the shared resources and learning.  While much will be individually learned from participation in a Residency Church, below are some resource samples::

For more sample resources, we encourage you to contact one of our Residency Churches.

Challenges We Will Overcome

Local Church / District Commitment: There is compliance with the HICP project from numbers of local church and district leaders across the country, but many Nazarenes have never tasted or seen either a large church plant or a Level 5 multiplying church on their district. As a result, thousands of leaders watch and wonder if anything will happen.  Only a small amount of corporate commitment now exists across districts for either the High Impact Church Planting project or Level 5 church activity.  We aim to help every district superintendent and pastor change this!

Recruiting System: We will design, build and launch a Recruiting System that recruits the specific church planting and multiplying leaders we need. We are building trust relationships with all of the high capacity leaders within our denomination who are 35-50 years old and get them on board with where the HICP Project is headed.  Ultimately, the HICP Project must be led by these leaders, NOT superintendents.  This is a ministry designed by and for younger leaders.  

Leadership Residency:  We will perfect and deliver a national Leadership Residency Program to train leaders in multiple large churches and multiplying churches nationwide. This will include a 9-18 month immersion in a large church or multiplying church that has passed a Residency Assessment and is committed to HICP.

Multi-District Networking: There are 472 Nazarene districts globally.  Across the USA/Canada Region and beyond, there are many districts that have successful, large church plants and multiplying churches.  Too many of these churches are unknown to each other and to HICP partners with a deep hunger to keep learning, growing and multiplying.  We aim to network these successful large church plants and multiplying churches with each other and leverage Nazarene learning among ourselves!

Funding: The HICP is currently raising the capital necessary to achieve our vision, we have no doubt in God's ability to provide sufficient resources to begin the ministries we envision.


Chicago Central +

HICP Relationship to the Chicago Central District Vision: We are grateful for the visionary leadership of the Chicago Central District Advisory Board.  The vision of the CCD for the future is to change the DNA of the district dramatically. With 8.7 million people living in the greater Chicago area and over 5 million of them not meaningfully connected with any local church or practice of faith, every Nazarene believer must be Christ in action. The CCD Advisory Board believes HICP churches can thrive here in the U.S. and on the CCD if we are conservative in our message, relevant in our methods and irresistibly active! If this vision is to become reality, it will require a new kind of active church, and a new kind of active district, with an unstoppable passion to reach out and engage thousands of new people. We have no doubt irreligious people can be, will be attracted to Jesus, if they see Christ in action.

The goal of the CCD is to start 20 new, culturally relevant churches within the CCD that begin with 250 people or more and are designed to break 1,000 in attendance.

The HICP Project further aims to assist another 80 churches across the United States within select Nazarene districts to begin the same way. We want to be used by God to assist 100,000 new people not only within Chicago but across the United States discover and practice a new-found faith in Jesus Christ and live on-mission with Him everyday!



The following are 10 descriptive statements of our vision for the future of the High-Impact Church Planting Project.

1.    Developing a system for recruiting high-capacity church planting leaders

2.    Modifying the great Assessment Centers already being delivered, by adding an additional Assessment, specialty designed to identify and develop high-capacity planters

3.    Providing Networking for church planters involved in Residency Churches.  All planters will be encouraged to participate in an accountability cohort.

4.    Developing and perfecting the Leadership Residency system within the Region

5.    Identifying and qualifying Leadership Residency churches within the Region

6.    Encouraging on-going multiplication in both multi-site and Large Church launches

7.    Developing a team of nationally qualified Large Church coaches and mentors

8.    Raising resources for HICP projects by building donor development tools that assist individual planters, local churches and districts for Large Church plants

9.    Assisting Partner Districts with tools and skills needed for effective HICP development

10. Partnering with a Nazarene University to provide academic credit for individuals who complete the 12-18 month Leadership Residency program



Existing Large Churches (250-499)

PASTOR                CHURCH              CITY            DISTRICT

Rev. Troy McNichols               New Life                            Mount Vernon, OH      N. Central Ohio

Rev. Terry Weyman                Greenville First                   Simpsonville, SC         South Carolina

Rev. Kenneth Dove                Gracepointe                        Grayson, GA              Georgia

Rev. Mike Page                     Lubbock First                       Lubbock, TX              West Texas

Rev. Garry Proehl                 Apopka Calvary                    Apopka, FL                 Florida

Dr. Tim Pusey                       Meridian Valley Shepherd     Meridian, ID                Intermountain

Rev. Lester Moore                Eugene First                         Eugene, OR                Oregon Pacific

Rev. Winston Lott                Blue Hills Community            Kansas City, MO         Kansas City

Rev. Tony Miller                   San Diego Mission                 San Diego, CA            S. California

Rev. Shannon Harris            Roanoke East Gate                Roanoke, VA               Virginia

Rev. Mark Lehman               Sutter Creek                          Pine Grove, CA          Sacramento

Rev. Jay Height                  Shepherd Community              Indianapolis, IN         Indianapolis

Rev. David Noe                   Shepherd Community             Indianapolis, IN         Indianapolis

Rev. Paul Brashaw               New Lothrop                          New Lothrop, MI       Michigan

Rev. Anthony Holmes          Memphis Calvary                    Arlington, TN            MidSouth

Rev. Don Smith                   Winter Haven First                 Winter Haven, FL       Florida

Rev. Dave Thornhill             Indianapolis Westside             Plainfield, IN             Indianapolis

Dr. Brent Hulett                  Grandview First                      Grandview, WA         Northwest

Rev. Dwayne Adams           Center Pointe Community        Orlando, FL              Florida

Mr. Eddie Weaver              Center Pointe Community        Oakland, FL              Florida

Dr. Phil Bolerjack                Grace Pointe Community         Severn, MD               Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Nick Stavropoulos       Toronto Rosewood                   Scarborough, ON     Canada Central

Rev. Bill Vaughn                  Spokane First                          Spokane, WA            Northwest

Rev. Tony Jones                  Auburn Parkside                      Auburn, CA              Sacramento

Rev. Kip Hasselbring           Venice                                     Venice, FL                Southern Florida

Rev. Johnny Hampton         Tree City                                 Meridian, ID             Intermountain

Rev. Gregg Davis                Frankfort First                         Frankfort, IN            NW Indiana

Rev. Matt Hancock             Cornerstone                            Wheelersburg, OH   S. Central Ohio

Dr. Brad Estep                    Kansas City First                     Overland Park, KS     Kansas City

Rev. Jeff Whitney               Apple Valley                             Apple Valley, CA      S. California

Rev. Corey Jones               Crossroads Tabernacle              Fort Worth, TX         West Texas

Rev. Ira F. Brown                 Prescott First                           Prescott, AZ            Arizona

Rev. Daniel Quagliata         The Bridge                               Malverne, NY           Metro New York

Rev. Matt Hawkins             Houston First                           Houston, TX             South Texas

Rev. Bill Hines                   Oskaloosa Gateway                  New Sharon, IA         Iowa

Rev. Bryan Roller              Calgary First                             Calgary, AB                Canada West

Rev. Chip Bullock              Napoleon                                  Napoleon, OH           NW Ohio

Rev. Ben Walls                  Detroit First                             Livonia, MI                 E. Michigan

Rev. Kent Estep                South Charleston First              South Charleston, WV   WV South

Rev. Mike Bearden            Charlotte Pineville                     Charlotte, NC             North Carolina

Rev. Kyle Himmelwright    Columbia First                          Lexington, SC              South Carolina

Rev. James Alan Wallace  Lubbock Refuge                        Lubbock, TX                 West Texas

Rev. Travis Zachary          Lubbock Refuge                         Lubbock, TX                West Texas

Rev. Doug Runyan            Oklahoma City Trinity                Oklahoma City, OK      SW Oklahoma

Rev. Mike O'Neill              Yakima West Valley                   Yakima, WA                 Northwest

Dr. Virgil Askren               Bend                                         Bend, OR                    Oregon Pacific

Rev. Everett Tustin           Kent Hillside                            Des Moines, WA     Washington Pacific

Rev. Kevin McDonald        Murrieta Gateway                      Murrieta, CA              S. California

Rev. James Skeen            Seattle Aurora                          Shoreline, WA        Washington Pacific

Rev. Frank Bolella            Living Word Community              Demarest, NJ           Metro New York

Rev. Donald Joey Brummett Fort Myers First                     Fort Myers, FL         Southern Florida

Dr. Russell J. Long            Bel Air                                       Bel Air, MD                 Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Bob Sherwood          CrossPoint Community               Idaho Falls, ID             Intermountain

Rev. Bob Howard              Valley Chapel                            Uxbridge, MA              New England

Rev. Riley Powell               Raleigh First                              Garner, NC                 North Carolina

Rev. Phil Manson               Pickerington                              Pickerington, OH      S. Central Ohio

Rev. Mike Downs              Salisbury Cross Pointe                Hebron, MD               Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Ruben Villarreal        Denver ThornCreek                      Thornton, CO            Colorado

Dr. Mark Hale                  Grand Forks Thrive Community     Manvel, ND               Prairie Lakes

Rev. Mike McClurg           Findlay First                                Findlay, OH                 NW Ohio

Rev. Lester Jones            Countryside Community              Lebanon, OH              SW Ohio

Rev. Jeff Doud                 Tillamook                                    Tillamook, OR             Oregon Pacific

Rev. Tim Lourash              Brookings                                   Brookings, OR            Oregon Pacific

Rev. Steve Lester             Tulsa Central                              Tulsa, OK                  NE Oklahoma

Rev. Dave Anderson         Midland Community                    Midland, MI               Michigan

Rev. Duane Armstrong      Lompoc Trinity                            Lompoc, CA              Los Angeles

Dr. Steve Campbell           Redding First                              Redding, CA             Sacramento

Rev. Freeman Hodgins      Manteca Journey                        Manteca, CA             Sacramento

Rev. Dan Wine                 Williams Lake                              White Lake, MI       Eastern Michigan

Rev. Greg Gates              The Point                                     San Jose, CA             N. California

Rev. Jon Trees                 Nashville Grace                           Nashville, TN             MidSouth

Rev. Bobby Kemp             Huntington First                          Huntington, IN         NE Indiana

Rev. Virgil Peck                Fort Scott                                    Fort Scott, KS          Joplin

Rev. David Clayton          Seymour Laurel                            Laurel, DE                Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Jack McCormick       Manteno                                     Manteno, IL           Chicago Central

Rev. Ken Garner               Manteno                                     Manteno, IL           Chicago Central

Rev. Craig Laughlin          Marysville                                Lake Stevens, WA   Washington Pacific

Rev. Larry McNutt           New Albany First                         Westerville, OH    S. Central Ohio

Dr. Todd Renegar            Sparks First                                 Sparks, NV                Sacramento

Rev. Cara Shonamon       Kansas City Shawnee                   Kansas City, MO       Kansas City

Dr. Chuck Sunberg         Kansas City Shawnee                    Kansas City, MO      Kansas City

Rev. Terry Chapman       Moravia Lighthouse                      Moravia, IA              Iowa

Rev. Dan Hanson           Canton First                                 Louisville, OH          East Ohio

Rev. Rebecca Ann Lum   Plattsburgh                                  Plattsburgh, NY    Upstate New York

Rev. Steve Thrasher      Greenbrier                                    Greenbrier, AR        North Arkansas

Rev. Mark Terrill            Seymour                                       Seymour, MO         Joplin

Dr. David Fulks             Adrian First                                  Adrian, MI             Eastern Michigan

Rev. Jason Caddy         Dayton Parkview                          Dayton, OH           Southwestern Ohio

Rev. Joshua Cougle      Clarksville First                            Clarksville, TN       MidSouth

Rev. Terry Armstrong    Mustang                                      Mustang, OK         SW Oklahoma

Rev. Mike Burns            Dodge City                                 Dodge City, KS      Kansas

Rev. Pedro Julio Fernandez Toronto Emmanuel Spanish    Woodbridge, ON   Canada Central

Rev. Chris Galloway      Richardson                                 Sachse, TX             Dallas

Rev. Mark Bernhardt     Nampa Karcher                           Nampa, ID            Intermountain

Rev. Ken Mingledorff    New Holland                              New Holland, PA   Philadelphia

Rev. Jon A. Young        Trenton Gracepointe                  Trenton, OH          Southwestern Ohio

Rev. David Shore          Olathe Westside                       Gardner, KS          Kansas City

Rev. Scott Sharpes       Mount Vernon Lakeholm            Mount Vernon, OH North Central Ohio

Rev. Michael Dennis     Bedford                                    Bedford Heights, OH North Central Ohio

Rev. John Marra            Living Hope                             Olathe, KS             Kansas City

Rev. Bill Walker            Quest Community                     Bellefontaine, OH  Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Tim Kellerman       Indianapolis Grace Pointe          Indianapolis, IN     Indianapolis

Rev. Daren Pitcher       Ridgeview Community               Bakersfield, CA      Central California

Rev. Tim Fields            Garden City                              Garden City, KS      Kansas

Rev. Brad Fink             Rockledge Cross Bridge             Rockledge, FL        Florida

Rev. Jon Privett          Baker City                                 Baker City, OR       Intermountain

Rev. Brad Stockton     Owosso First                             Owosso, MI          Michigan

Rev. Marcos Cisneros  Rancho Cucamonga              Rancho Cucamonga, CA   W. Latin American

Dr. Curtis Sellers        Science Hill                                Somerset, KY       Kentucky

Rev. Steve Dean         Quincy MA Wollaston                 Quincy, MA         New England

Rev. Matt Palm           Vista Hope                                 Vista, CA            Southern California

Rev. Bob Brooks          Tehachapi                                 Tehachapi, CA     Central California

Dr. Matt Friedeman     Dayspring Community               Jackson, MS       MidSouth

Rev. Andrew Albright   Newport                                  Newport, OR      Oregon Pacific

Dr. Susan Carole          San Bernardino First                 San Bernardino, CA Southern California

Rev. Alan Clark            Gateway Community                Franklin, TN          MidSouth

Dr. Dan Meek              Parkersburg Broadway              Parkersburg, WV   West Virginia North

Rev. Alan Thompson    Gallatin First                            Gallatin, TN         MidSouth

Rev. Tim Brewer           Ontario                                    Ontario, OR        Intermountain

Rev. Alan Johnson        Rogers First                             Rogers, AR          North Arkansas

Rev. Jeremy McLaughlin Sterling First                         Sterling, IL          Northwestern Illinois

Rev. Dan Walters          Tri-County                              West Chester, OH   SW Ohio

Rev. Brad Farnsworth    Core Church at Aspen Creek   Broken Arrow, OK Northeast Oklahoma

Dr. C. B. Glidden           Fort Worth First                      Burleson, TX        West Texas

Rev.. Victor Walker       House of Prayer Ministries       Park Forest, IL     Chicago Central

Rev. Ben Spitler           Gaithersburg                            Gaithersburg, MD  Mid-Atlantic

Dr. Elizeu Lima            Pawtucket RI Embaixadores      East Providence, RI  New England

Rev. Terry Joe Bate     Flushing Community                 Flushing, MI           Eastern Michigan

Rev. Darren Melton     Independence                          Independence, KS   Joplin

Dr. Dumerzier Charles      Newark Good Shepherd     South Orange, NJ   Metro New York

Rev. Scott Lowry        Huntsville First                        New Market, AL      Alabama North

Rev. Obed Santiesteban Hialeah Good Shepherd       Opa Locka, FL        Southern Florida

Dr. Russ Martin          Tower Community Fellowship    Centennial, CO      Colorado

Rev. Geoffrey DeFranca  Community Chapel               Nashua, NH          New England

Rev. Brian Letsinger      Marshfield                             Marshfield, MO     Joplin

Rev. Jon Gibson           Living Hope                           West Carrollton, OH  SW Ohio

Rev. Phil Allred            Lake Houston                         Humble, TX           South Texas

Rev. Joel Atwell          Grace Community                   Spring Hill, KS       Kansas City

Rev. Rude Beausséjour Orlando Second Haitian         Orlando, FL          Florida

Rev. Mark Ledford       Westerville                            Westerville, OH    South Central Ohio

Rev. Ernst Simeus        House of Grace                     West Palm Beach, FL  Southern Florida

Rev. Freddy Wright     Lake Houston                         Kingwood, TX       South Texas

Rev. Gary Bennett       Victoria First                         Victoria, BC          Canada Pacific

Rev. David King           Cedar Rapids Oakland           Cedar Rapids, IA      Iowa

Rev. Gary Mimbs          Sandersville                          Sandersville, GA      Georgia

Rev. Mark Snodgrass    Bentonville                           Bentonville, AR      North Arkansas

Rev. Dennis Druckhammer  LifePointe                       Rio Linda, CA        Sacramento

Rev. Jordan Wesley       Living Stones Community     Clovis, NM          New Mexico

Rev. Johnny Dale Wesley Living Stones Community   Clovis, NM         New Mexico

Rev. C. David Boots      Coshocton                           Coshocton, OH   North Central Ohio

Rev. Steve Sanchez      Molalla                                Molalla, OR          Oregon Pacific

Rev. Pierre-Louis Zephir Dorchester MA Amis de la Sagesse Mattapan, MA  New England

Rev. Brad Dyrness        Lansing South                     Lansing, MI           Michigan

Dr. Charles Johnson     Fitkins Memorial                 Meridian, MS        MidSouth

Rev. Phil R. Nase          Owego                               Owego, NY          Upstate New York

Rev. Benedito C. Monteiro Brockton MA Nova Alianca  Brockton, MA    New England

Rev. Joseph Alan Proudfoot Mount Sterling            Mount Sterling, OH Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Martin Dennis       Springfield High Street       Springfield, OH      Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Tim Westerberg    Vancouver Hillcrest             Vancouver, WA      Washington Pacific

Rev. Geoffrey Gunter    Tulsa Regency Park            Broken Arrow, OK   Northeast Oklahoma

Rev. Aaron T. Horton     Fremont                            Fremont, NE          Nebraska

Dr. Jocelyn Severe       Montreal Saint Michel        Laval, QC              Canada Quebec

Rev. Mark Blankenship  Calvary Community           West Henrietta, NY Upstate New York

Rev. Kyle G. Johnson   The Crossing Church of Natomas Sacramento, CA   Sacramento

Rev. Ron DeWitt         Shelbyville                          Shelbyville, TN       East Tennessee

Rev. Paul Mills            Marysville                           Marysville, OH       Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Daniel Trent Medders   Erin                           Erin, TN                 MidSouth

Rev. John Poling     Waynesburg                           Waynesburg, PA    Pittsburgh

Rev. Hugo Aldana Sr.  Panorama City Spanish       Panorama City, CA  Los Angeles

Rev. Juan Arnoldo Fajardo Los Angeles First Spanish Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Rev. Luc Pierre      Brooklyn New Jerusalem          Valley Stream, NY  Metro New York

Rev. Mark Maddux     New Philadelphia First         New Philadelphia, OH   East Ohio

Rev. Brandin Melton   Portland First                      Beaverton, OR       Oregon Pacific

Rev. Jeff Austin        Real Life Community            Vancouver, WA     Washington Pacific

Rev. Bill Clay            Vineland Ramoth                  Franklinville, NJ     Philadelphia

Rev. Greg Pressley     Sumter First                       Sumter, SC           South Carolina

Rev. Michael Seewald  Bloomington, The Bridge   San Bernardino, CA  Southern California

Rev. Timothy Sheets    Elkhart Northside              Elkhart, IN            Northeastern Indiana

Rev. Daron Brown        Waverly First                    Waverly, TN           MidSouth

Rev. Chad Clardie        Springfield One Life          Springfield, MO     Joplin

Rev. Joel Sejour Sr.     Miami Deliverance              Miami, FL              Southern Florida

Rev. Ted Taylor           Hereford                           Hereford, TX          West Texas

Rev. Paul Dazet          Muncie South Side            Muncie, IN             Northeastern Indiana

Rev. Jeff Marcoe        Amarillo First                    Amarillo, TX           West Texas

Rev. Brian Rogers       Columbus First                 Columbus, IN         Southwest Indiana

Rev. Martin Hodge     Mackey                            Oakland City, IN     Southwest Indiana

Rev. Greg McDonald   Hillsboro                         Veedersburg, IN      Northwest Indiana

Rev. Troy Hochstetler  Lafayette First                Lafayette, IN          Northwest Indiana

Rev. Edgar Diaz Rodriguez Tampa First Hispanic Plant City, FL          Florida

Rev. Jose Gonzalez     Los Angeles Belvedere     Santa Fe Springs, CA  W. Latin American

Rev. Moises Lopez  Lynwood Grace Hispanic      Lakewood, CA       Anaheim

Rev. Rogelio T. Oscal   Olney Hosanna                Silver Spring, MD   Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Andrew Dayton    Leavenworth                   Leavenworth, WA   Northwest

Rev. Scott Eastburn    Church on the Rise           Roseburg, OR        Oregon Pacific

Rev. Hardy Powers         Western Oaks               Oklahoma City, OK  Southwest Oklahoma

Rev. Keith Mowen         Lewisburg Crossroads     Milton, PA              Philadelphia

Rev. Steve Spangenberg    Trinity                        Naperville, IL         Chicago Central

Rev. Wayne Krell             Mifflinburg                   Mifflinburg, PA      Philadelphia

Rev. Doug Thomas          Auburn                         Auburn, IN           Northeastern Indiana

Rev. Rodney Kincaid        Jefferson                     Jefferson, OH      North Central Ohio

Rev. Bob Tharp              Watertown                    Watertown, NY    Upstate New York

Rev. Danny Goddard     New Castle First            New Castle, IN     Indianapolis

Rev. Bryan Heil             West Carrollton             West Carrollton, OH  Southwestern Ohio

Dr. Ed Husband            East Point                      Jonesboro, GA       Georgia

Dr. Mark Hollingsworth  Edmond First                Yukon, OK              Oklahoma

Rev. Kevin Stirratt        Common Ground             Decatur, IN           Northeastern Indiana

Rev. Bryan Davis          Topeka Fairlawn              Topeka, KS            Kansas City

Rev. Jimmy Dayton Jackson  White Stone           White Stone, VA    Virginia

Rev. Kevin McGinnis       Florence Mosaic            Florence, AZ         Arizona

Rev. Randy Ledsome      Charleston Elk River      Elkview, WV         West Virginia South

Rev. Joshua Allen          High Pointe Community  Dorr, MI              Michigan

Rev. Greg Boisture         High Pointe Community Wyoming, MI       Michigan

Rev. Brent Hudson         Silver Creek                   Lynnwood, WA    Washington Pacific

Rev. Joshua Johnson     Newhall                         Valencia, CA       Los Angeles

Rev. Harold Berrian        Galesburg First              Galesburg, IL     Northwestern Illinois

Dr. Tharon Daniels         Sun City                         Surprise, AZ      Arizona

Dr. Randy Hodges         Hernando                       Inverness, FL     Florida

Rev. Lenroy Pascall       Queens Springfield Gardens Jamaica, NY   Metro New York

Rev. Jon Helm              New Bedford MA First      North Dartmouth, MA   New England

Rev. David Downs        Chapman Memorial           Vicksburg, MI        Michigan

Rev. Danny McDowell   Christ's Community          New Albany, IN    Southwest Indiana

Rev. Michael H. Schutz    Avon Grove                   West Grove, PA    Philadelphia

Rev. Charles Ryan         Homedale Mountain View   Wilder, ID          Intermountain

Rev. Allen Ebbler           Casey                              Casey, IL             Illinois

Rev. Patrick Glenn         Clearwater First               Clearwater, FL    Florida

Rev. Greg Gebhart        Connecting Point              Turlock, CA        Central California

Rev. Mike Hull               Parsons                            Parsons, KS        Joplin

Rev. Otoniel Cruz          Templo Emanuel               Stewartsville, NJ  Metro New York

Rev. Arthur Magnuson   Christ Community            Syracuse, NY      Upstate New York

Rev. Charky Marquis  Lone Star Cowboy Church of Navarro County Corsicana, TX  Dallas

Rev. Jean Renaud Paul   Naples New Haitian          Naples, FL         Southern Florida

Rev. Mark Stevens         Target Dayton CMC          Dayton, OH       Southwestern Ohio