MULTIPLYNAZ Book Series Project

In May of 2019, we first began by spilling all kinds of ideas on paper without paying attention to who the audience would be.  After the initial book ideas were shared, feedback from multiple church leaders quickly moved the project from one MULTIPLYNAZ book to multiple books in a series.  The different books flow from the suggestion of multiple leaders to address different audiences.  As of this writing, the following five books have emerged.

Book One – Fueling the Nazarene Movement with Love

                      (focus) Foundations for Spiritual Movements

                     (audience) Global, designed for everyone

Book Two – Fueling the Nazarene Movement with Healthy, Multiplying Churches

                      (focus) Local Church Health and Church Development

                    (audience) Local Pastors and Lay Leaders


Book Three – Fueling the Nazarene Movement with Healthy Districts

                         (focus) District Health and District Development Plans

                        (audience) Superintendents and District Leaders


Book Four – Fueling the Nazarene Movement with a Global Vision

                         (focus) Jesus’ Global Vision, Prayer, Compassion, Our Core 

            Values, Leader Development, Educational Institutions 

                        (audience) Global, designed for everyone


Book Five – Fueling the Nazarene Movement with New People

                       (focus) Introduction to the Church of the Nazarene

                    (audience) People new to the Church