Action Plan

The sixth step in the Pathway to Planting involves the development of a church planting Action Plan.  We suggest the following four questions for church planters to answer in their plan and that church planters pay attention to three key components under each question.

1.   Who Will the Church Reach?

a.  God’s Call

b.  Fueling Passion

c.  Ministry Focus Group


2.   What Kind of Church Will It Be?

a.  Mission and Model

b.  Vision Description

c.  Health Characteristics


3.   Who Will the Church Work With?

a.   Board and Church Structure

b.   Leadership Community

c.   Mentoring and Community Relationships


4.   How and When Will the Plan Happen?

a.  Disciple-Making “Next Steps”

b.  Timeline and Critical Milestones

c.  Budget


In the MULTIPLYNAZ book series, we will address the details of how church planters can answer each of the questions above and develop a church action plan that fits the culture and context of their community. At DCPI training, planters begin the development of their Action Plan.  We encourage local churches and districts to set up planter systems which include the planter making a presentation to both their parent church and district leaders about their plan.  Checklists and presentation helps are available along with tools to assist the further development of the Action Plan for multiple ministry models.

The goal of our orientation and training is the development of your own, personal Action Plan. New Church Action Plans are as unique as the church planters God calls to implement them. We have overseen and reviewed hundreds of Church Action Plans and our Nazarene team has the expertise you need as you move forward to fulfill the vision God has for you.