Church Organization — District Tracking Tool

It is the responsibility of each District to track their new churches through the 10 step process of moving a church toward church organization or to the completion of the CTM development process. To assist districts in tracking this process, we have developed a downloadable tracking tool for your use. On an excel spreadsheet, at the District Ministry Center we track the same bits of information that are found on the “10 Steps to Register / Organize a Church” resource. The downloadable resource is explained below.

Church Here we list the name of the church.

Year Started Here we list the year the church was registered.

Organization ID# Here we list the Church ID# we receive from the Global Ministry Center.

Church/Mission Step Here we list whether it will stay a Mission or become a Church.

Step 1 CTM’s - contact the district office for DS approval. PAC’s, skip to step 2.

Step 2 Register the church online. (A link is located under Resources)

Step 3 Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number.

Step 4 Request Federal Tax Exempt Status with the Global Ministry Center.

Step 5 Incorporate the church (in the USA, this is done with the Secretary of State)

Step 6 Open a bank account.

Step 7 Apply for State Sales Tax Exemption.

Between steps 7 and 8, there is a LOT of church development!

Step 8 Contact the DS and set a date to organize the church.

Step 9 Complete the Church Organization Form online.

Step 10 Send legal documents to the District Ministry Center.

The tracking tool we use is simple. We place an “X” under each step when we have been made aware the church has completed that step. The value of this tracking tool is — it gives us in one location, where each of our church plants are at, in the church registration / organizing process.  

You will notice in this tool, we also use it with different spreadsheets at the bottom, to list the following five groups of churches: 1) organized churches & CTMs together, 2) CTMs, 3) organized churches, 4) inactive churches and 5) disorganized churches.

To download the excel spreadsheet you can customize for your district, click here.