God’s Call

The second step involves God’s Call.  As we share the vision of the movement of God through the people of God, an amazing thing happens – God calls men and women into His service!  Effective pastors and superintendents look for potential leaders and planters all the time.  We are open to non-traditional church planting and recognize God is calling the next generation of Nazarene leaders to lead the church into an exciting future! 

 We pray hundreds of planters will hear God’s call and learn it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.  We pray hundreds of planters will discover the benefits of being part of the Church of the Nazarene, realize the power of our connectedness, the global impact of our network and the multiple resources we have as Nazarene districts to help them succeed.  In every church, on every district, what gets talked about gets done. This is why the movement requires superintendents to own and regularly share the vision of church planting with their district family.  

 A challenge Nazarene superintendents face is that church planting is not the only activity superintendents lead!  There are 50 other things that can get put on the superintendent’s agenda and even though desire is high, many superintendents do not have the time to develop and deliver the resources their district needs to fuel their church planting focus. This is another reason MULTIPLYNAZ has emerged.