Pathway to Planting

As we study church planting, it seems helpful to develop a simple pathway to planting for use by local churches and districts. Reviewing the best practices for planting and listening to Nazarene leaders has led to the following seven steps as an effective Nazarene Pathway to Planting. Across the years we have watched hundreds of church planters who became very effective as they paid attention to both quantity and quality.  We want morechurch planters and betterchurch planters.  This is why we encourage the development of the Pathway to Planting in churches and districts.  When properly followed, we believe 1) Prayer, 2) God’s Call, 3) Orientation, 4) Assessment, 5) Training, 6) Action Plan and 7) Mentors will make a long-term difference in the quality of church planting on every district. In each of the 7 areas below, you will find a summary of each step along the path.