Nazarene Research Services resources Nazarenes everywhere with timely, accurate information.  They provide Church Statistics Reports on membership and attendance, discipleship, new members, baptisms and more. Through the U.S. Religion Census Report, they also can provide a portrait of the religious mix in the area around a local church, including the percentage of people unclaimed by any religious body.

This incredible team of Nazarene researchers can also provide a U.S. Demographic Report to local churches with color maps and graphs of such characteristics as:

  • Education

  • Employment levels

  • Family structure

  • Average home values

  • Cultural diversity

  • Population growth

  • Age distribution

Click here to download a Community Demographics Report for your church or for an area you are studying for a multi-site or new church plant.

Lastly, Research Services can also Map Your Church Family compared to the community types in your area.  In order to provide this service, they need the following information on each household (without names please):  street address, city, state and postal code.

We are grateful for our partnership with the Nazarene Research Services team.  They have been invaluable in resourcing/developing the MULTIPLYNAZ websites!