The fifth step in the Pathway to Planting involves Training.  Under the inspiring leadership of Rev. Mark Bane, Director of Evangelism and New Church Development,[I] the USA/Canada Region offers the following eight training opportunities and resources:

EMT Training: Evangelism and Multiplication Training – inspires and trains church leaders and laity to engage in micro and macro discipleship through one on one evangelism and church planting.

CPRChurch Planting Refresh – inspires and helps church leaders and laity to put their God-given church planting vision into action with action steps and accountability plans once they leave the training.

CPCChurches Planting Churches – guides an existing congregation in birthing a new church using the biblical parent church concept (Acts 13:1-3).

Assessment Centers: assessing leaders is critical for church planting success. We help potential leaders develop self-awareness, understand their current leadership capacity and discover the appropriate church planting model that will maximize their God-given gifts and abilities. 

CPEChurch Planting Essentials – introduces 12 biblical principles to equip church planters from initial planning to launching a new church.

NCDNew Church Dynamics – shows church leaders how to develop systems necessary for a healthy church body as the new church develops.  This training is also helpful for existing churches that do not have healthy, church development systems in place.

CPMChurch Planting Movements – teaches biblical principles to develop a dynamic church planting movement

MCPMentoring Church Planters – equips and encourages seasoned church leaders in how to better support and mentor beginning church planters.

We encourage all districts to participate in and use these training events to resource their planters and fuel their church planting movement.  The training events are solid and through DCPI, thousands of leaders have been trained across the church.[ii]  

[i]Every Nazarene leader is encouraged to call the Evangelism and New Church Development Office at 913-577-2862 for more information about church planter assessment and training resources. 

[ii]More information about church planting training events can be found at