High Impact Church Planting Project - USA/Canada

Mission: "developing high-capacity, multiplying leaders.”

Vision: 100,000 new believers that live on mission

Values: Guided by Four Values

Accountability & Leader: Rev. Mark Bane, Director of Evangelism Ministries & New Church Development

USA/Canada Region, Church of the Nazarene

Includes: Organic churches, Multi-Congregational, Cowboy, Small, Intermediate, Large 250-499, Large 500-899Multi-Site & K-church congregations

High impact church planting includes and EMBRACES all types, sizes and models of churches

We're now simply adding a new focus on 100 new large church plants

A high-impact church multiplication culture embraced by every leader in every-size of church

10 Residency Churches graduating 2 High-Capacity Planters annually

100 High-Capacity Planters Placed/Coached in the Next 10 Years

50 High-Capacity Campus Pastors Multiplying in Multi-Site Churches

25 Large Church Leader Mentors

100 Large Church Emerging Leaders

100 Partner Churches

50 Nazarene District Partners

Watch a Video - High Impact Church Launch


We recognize the importance of raising up high capacity leaders. We are committed to developing and empowering leaders that will plant high impact, world changing churches


We are humble and teachable. We are developing leaders that enter into residency programs to equip them for success. 



We network and surround ourselves with leaders that are several steps ahead of us. We partner with networks and coaches to maximize our learning. 

Our Guiding Principles


Guiding Principles

Everything hinges on the leader.

An empty seat is a serious matter.

A high view of the church.

Humility and teachability – we will learn from everyone to move us forward, practioners, theologians, business leaders, everyone!  Everyone has something to teach us.

Everybody wins when the leader gets better.

Multiplication matters because reaching the lost is so important.

Building a sustainable culture.

We are a learning organization.

Learn from others doing this well.

No church left behind. – we not only focus on multiplying large churches but we celebrate all kinds of churches!  Because every church size can be involved in multiplication!

A win for one is a win for all!  We will not be focused on only one district.  As Partners we embrace and practice a vision that when one District wins, every District wins!  This is why we send planters, resources and help plant churches on Districts other than our own.

Always think and act like a Wesley, not a Whitefield.


International K+ Churches  (3,000-20,000)      

  Pastor              Church         City/Country       District

Adalberto Herrera                Casa de Oración                Cali, Columbia                     

Amadeu TeixeiraI       Greja Do Nazareno de Mesquita   Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Elias Betanzos                 CAP Iglesia de Nazareno        Oaxaca, Mexico      

Existing K-Churches  (900 - 3,000)        

  Pastor             Church             City             District

Rev. Dale Benson                   Grove City                         Grove City, OH            South Central Ohio

Rev. Brett Rickey                   Lakeland Highland Park      Bartow, FL                    Florida

Dr. Rick Harvey                      Bethany First                     Oklahoma City, OK       Oklahoma

Rev. Jerome Hancock             Lake Gibson                       Mulberry, FL                 Florida

Rev. Tim Fisher                      Crossroads Community       Elkhart, IN                   Northeastern Indiana

Dr. David Sharpes                  Olathe College                  Olathe, KS                    Kansas City

Rev. Doug Smith                    Yuba City Hope Point         Yuba City, CA               Sacramento

Dr. Doug Boquist                   Lima Community                 Lima, OH                     Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Robert Prince Jr.             Flint Central                       Flint, MI                       Eastern Michigan

Rev. Josh Kleinfeld                York Stillmeadow                York, PA                       Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Shawn Evans                  Valparaiso                          Valparaiso, IN               Northwest Indiana

Rev. Wynne Lankford             Richmond Southside           Midlothian, VA              Virginia

Buddy & Gaye Marston         Salem Fields Community    Fredericksburg, VA        Virginia

Rev. Tim Stearman                 Denver First                       Highlands Ranch, CO     Colorado

Rev. John McDonald             The Woods                         Warren, MI                     Eastern Michigan

Rev. Bryce Gernand               Jackson First                      Jackson, MI                    Michigan

Rev. Tara Beth Leach             Pasadena First                   Pasadena, CA                 Los Angeles

Rev. Daryl Blank                    Cincinnati Springdale          Monroe, OH                   Southwestern Ohio

Rev. Kevin Donoho                Crossbridge Community      Ottawa, IL                      Northwestern Illinois

Rev. David Leeder                 Kokomo First                       Kokomo, IN                    Northwest Indiana

Rev. Craig Coulter                Oro Valley                            Oro Valley, AZ               Arizona

Rev. Jon Hauser                   Prairie Heights Community   West Fargo, ND              Prairie Lakes

Dr. Brian Thomas                  Nampa First                         Nampa, ID                      Intermountain

Rev. Dale Schaeffer              Medford First                       Medford, OR                   Oregon Pacific

Rev. Dave Bennett                Fairview Village                   Collegeville, PA                Philadelphia

Rev. Steve Estep                  Marion First                         Marion, OH                      North Central Ohio

Rev. Kevin Jack                    Beavercreek                         Beavercreek, OH              Southwestern Ohio

Rev. Kerry Willis                   Harrisonburg                       Harrisonburg, VA              Virginia

Dr. Kevin Ulmet                    Nashville First                     Mount Juliet, TN              MidSouth

Rev. Ed Redfern                   Oroville                               Oroville, CA                     Sacramento

C. Chavez/S. Hubbard         Lodi Faith Community          Lodi, CA                          Sacramento

Obed & Neomi Jauregui      Miami Bethany                     Miami Springs, FL            Southern Florida

Rev. Scott Marshall              Real Life Community             Portage, IN                     Northwest Indiana

Rev. Wendell Brown             Circleville Heritage                Circleville, OH                South Central Ohio

Rev. David Roberts              Montrose                              Glendale, CA                   Los Angeles

Existing Large Churches (500-899)

PASTOR                CHURCH              CITY              DISTRICT

Rev. Don Ballard II                  Newark First                      Newark, OH                South Central Ohio

Rev. Larry Morris                    Houston Living Word          Houston, TX                South Texas

Rev. Nathan Ward                  Wooster                            Wooster, OH                North Central Ohio

Rev. Mark Pitcher                   Porterville                          Porterville, CA             Central California

Rev. Paul Johnson                  Gathering Point                  Bourbonnais, IL            Chicago Central

Rev. David Rodes                   Puyallup                             Puyallup, WA                Washington Pacific

Rev. Michael DeBoef              Visalia First                        Visalia, CA                    Central California

Dr. Scott Daniels                    Nampa College                  Nampa, ID                    Intermountain

Rev. Sam Barber                     Kansas City Central            Overland Park, KS        Kansas City

Rev. Brian Wiesinger               Westminster The Crossing  Thornton, CO              Colorado

Rev. Brian Wangler                 Chicago First                      Lemont, IL                   Chicago Central

Rev. William Brock                  Pekin First                          Pekin, IL                       Northwestern Illinois

Rev. Dorsainvil Gracius           Lake Worth New                 Lake Worth, FL             Southern Florida

Rev. Kevin Hardy                    Crossroads                         Ellicott City, MD          Mid-Atlantic

Dr. Dwight Gunter II              Trevecca Community            Thompsons Station, TN MidSouth

Rev. Darren Reed                   Olive Knolls                         Bakersfield, CA             Central California

Rev. Kendall Franklin              CrossRoads                         Chandler, AZ                 Arizona

Dr. Tim Bunn                          Eagle                                  Eagle, ID                       Intermountain

Rev. Bill Bowers                     Mountain View                    Olympia, WA                Washington Pacific

Dr. Ray LaSalle                       Bucyrus First                       Bucyrus, OH                 North Central Ohio

Rev. Ron Riddle                      Crossroads Cowboy            Beebe, AR                     North Arkansas

Rev. Jon Harris                       New Life                            Fairfield, CA                  Sacramento

Dr. Wenton Fyne                    Brooklyn Beulah                  Woodmere, NY              Metro New York

Rev. Kent Pedersen                 Hutchinson First                 Hutchinson, KS              Kansas

Rev. Walter Rene Argueta       Latin American First            Owings Mills, MD          Mid-Atlantic

Rev. Brady Wisehart               Grace Point                         Fort Wayne, IN              Northeastern Indiana

Rev. Terry Schneider               Liberty Towers                    Citrus Heights, CA         Sacramento

Dr. Jeff Crosno                       Spokane Valley                   Spokane, WA                  Northwest

Rev. Adam Lewis                     Decatur First                     Forsyth, IL                      Illinois

Rev. Kyle Poole                       Midland Valley Community  North Augusta, SC         South Carolina

Rev. Mike Morris                     Indianapolis First                McCordsville, IN             Indianapolis

Rev. Andy Monnin                  Upper Valley Community     Piqua, OH                       Northwestern Ohio

Rev. Brent Hofen                    Mission Church                   Bend, OR                        Oregon Pacific

Rev. Ben Walls Sr.                   Brighton                             Howell, MI                      Eastern Michigan

Rev. David Mowry                   Twin Falls                           Twin Falls, ID                  Intermountain

Rev. Jon Middendorf               Oklahoma City First            Edmond, OK                  Oklahoma

Dr. Sam Vassel                        Bronx Bethany                    Mount Vernon, NY         Metro New York

Bro. Paul Holderfield Jr.          Friendly Chapel                   North Little Rock, AR    South Arkansas

Dr. Brent Van Hook                 Wichita First                       Wichita, KS                   Kansas

Rev. Jeff Stark                        BridgeWay Community        Pekin, IL                        Northwestern Illinois

Rev. Andrew Batten               Lighthouse, Inc./Heaventrain Cleveland, OH             North Central Ohio

Dr. Mark Lindstrom                Columbia Grace                   Columbia, TN                MidSouth

Rev. Keith Schubert               Glendale First                      Peoria, AZ                     Arizona

Rev. Jim Young                      Clare                                   Clare, MI                       Northern Michigan

Rev. Steve Gibson                 Bradenton First                    Bradenton, FL               Southern Florida

Rev. Jean Cidel                     North Miami Haitian             Miami, FL                      Southern Florida

Rev. Steve Greene                The Point                              Seymour, IN                  Southwest Indiana

Dr. Mark Quanstrom             College Church University Ave Bourbonnais, IL          Chicago Central

Rev. Howard Plummer Jr.       Hermitage                            Hermitage, TN              MidSouth

Rev. Mark Atherton               Xenia                                   Xenia, OH                     Southwestern Ohio

Rev. Rob Paugh                     Columbus Shepherd           Gahanna, OH                South Central Ohio

Rev. Steve Willis                   Lynchburg                           Forest, VA                     Virginia

Rev. Jason Matters               Ridgefield                           Ridgefield, WA              Washington Pacific

Rev. David West                   Crossroads Community       Farmington, NM             New Mexico

Rev. Darwin Speicher            Colorado Springs First        Peyton, CO                   Colorado

Rev. Tim Gates                     Goodlettsville                     Hendersonville, TN        MidSouth

Rev. Clay Mitchell                 Fergus Falls                       Fergus Falls, MN           Prairie Lakes

Rev. Rocky Hambrick            Grace Point                         Ephrata, PA                   Philadelphia

Rev. Brad Kochis                  Lifepoint                              Hilliard, OH                  South Central Ohio

Rev. Scott Sampson             Rocky Mountain Ministries   Pocatello, ID                 Intermountain

Rev. Mark Prugh                  Lansdale Immanuel              Souderton, PA               Philadelphia

Rev. Trenton Ice                  Salem Grace                        Salem, IL                      Illinois

Rev. Dustin Ledford            Carthage First                     Carthage, MO               Joplin

Dr. L.D. Holmes                  Wanamaker Woods              Topeka, KS                    Kansas City

Rev. Carlos Alvarez            Hempstead Nueva Vida        Valley Stream, NY         Metro New York

Rev. Doug Wilson               Bethel                                  Nampa, ID                   Intermountain

Dr. Alan Duce                     Richfield                              Davison, MI                 Eastern Michigan

Rev. Gary Cable                 Anderson First                      Anderson, IN               Northeastern Indiana

Dr. Gary Durham             Palm City New Hope Fellowship Stuart, FL                   Southern Florida

Rev. Robert Hake             Phoenix Orangewood              Glendale, AZ               Arizona

Rev. Kyle Rogers              Pittsburg                                 Pittsburg, KS              Joplin

Rev. Andrew Twibell         Kankakee First                         Kankakee, IL               Chicago Central

Rev. Larry Rounsley          Liberty Bible                            Battle Ground, WA     Washington Pacific

Dr. David Frisbie              Windward                                Kailua, HI                   Hawaii Pacific